Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cute Fairy Tattoos Design

Cute fairy tattoos are very popular especially among women. They are an attractive and whimsical design that can represent many things. There are many types of cute fairy tattoos you could get: a gothic or evil fairy, some sort of angelic image, or perhaps a dainty or precious fairy. Fairies often represent fantasy. They are a coy and elusive creature representing both a mysterious and magical world. Cute fairy tattoos can represent a variety of things from youth, beauty, mischief, imagination, magic, etc.

Fairy tattoos are a flexible design that can be anywhere on your body and any size. Although, cute fairy tattoos are usually found to be small and are located somewhere on the ankle, calf, shoulder, hip, lower back, and foot.

So what fictional characters do people associate with when thinking of these mysterious and magical creatures? Two of the most popular fairies are Tinkerbell and Queen Mab who is not just a fairy, but a fairy queen no less. A lot of different words can be associated with the word fairy, let’s look at some definitions:

  • Fairy – A supernatural being that can have magical powers and are most likely to intervene in human affairs. They can be all sizes.
  • Sprite – A general word for a fairy that has wings and has a pleasing appearance.
  • Elf – An elf is part of the fairy family and generally are mischievous and without wings.
  • Spirit – An elf, sprite, or fairy.
  • Pixie – A sprite or fairy that has a mischievous personality.

The natural word and fairies are linked together and can be expressed by combining nature with your cute fairy tattoo. Some possible combinations include:

  • A fairy and a mushroom
  • A fairy hanging from a tree branch
  • Incorporating butterfly tattoos with a fairy
  • Fairies and flowers
  • A fairy and an angel flying together
  • A fairy resting on a leaf in a pond
  • A fairy with other fictional creatures such as dragons, unicorns, or perhaps a phoenix

Cute fairy tattoos can represent a number of different things and many different things can be incorporated into a fairy tattoo design. Hopefully this has spiked your interest and will lead you to more design ideas!

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