Monday, February 9, 2009

Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Hawaiian flower tattoos can express the homage that you have to the Hawaiian culture. If you have ever considered getting Hawaiian flower tattoos but aren’t sure what to get and don’t want a predictable flower then perhaps its time to entertain the idea of looking into all the various flowers that the Hawaiian culture has to offer. Tropical Hawaiian flowers are associated as being extremely exotic and beautiful flowers. Hawaii also so happens to have the most variety and abundance of tropical flowers in the world. With Hawaiian flower tattoos there are endless possibilities to ensure that you will get the tattoo you desire.

It’s important to know the meaning behind any flower before getting it permanently inked onto your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the flowers Hawaii can offer and gain an understanding of each.

  • 1. The Anthurium is an excellent choice for Hawaiian flower tattoos. These flowers often resemble the shape of a heart and are bright red. Anthuriums are one of the most popular flowers shipped from Hawaii and symbolize hospitality.
  • 2. The Hibiscus is a tropical flower and is one of the few that are native to Hawaii. The state flower is the yellow ma’o hau hele hisbiscus. Hibiscus flowers work great for Hawaiian flower tattoos because they come in a variety of colors consisting of pink, white, red, blue, yellow, green, lavender, and orange. Hawaiian women often wear a hibiscus flower behind their ear which symbolizes that they are ready to find a partner for marriage. The better known meaning for the hibiscus is delicate beauty making this an excellent choice for Hawaiian flower tattoos.
  • 3. Orchids can represent a number of things from magnificence, luxury, strength, love, and beauty. The Dendrobium Orchids are very popular in Hawaii and have blooms shaped like butterflies. This flower provides a number of meanings and its unique design makes it perfect for coming up with your own original Hawaiian flower tattoo.
  • 4. The Birds of Paradise flower represents joyfulness and paradise. This flower is well known for resembling a bird in flight and is very dramatic and colorful. If you like a lot of color in your tattoos then the Birds of Paradise flower could be the perfect Hawaiian flower tattoo.

If you wanted to get a tattoo to represent a particular Hawaiian island that is entirely possible. Each island of Hawaii has a designated flower. The pink lokelani or pink cottage rose is the official flower of Maui. The yellow ilima resembles a tiny hibiscus and is the official flower of Oahu. The Big Island’s flower is the red lehua which is a blossom of an ohia tree. The lehua flower according to legend is sacred to Pele, Hawaii’s volcano goddess.

What’s great about Hawaii’s flowers is not only are they beautiful but all have multiple meanings. There are an endless amount of flowers to choose from. Hopefully there deep rooted meanings can spike your creativity and allow you to incorporate those meanings into your final design. Hawaiian flower tattoos can be a wonderful homage to the Hawaiian culture and the design opportunities are never-ending. Below are some free tattoo designs and patterns of Hawaiian flower tattoos.

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