Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Tattoos Themes

Tattoos of this kind are usually inspired by symbolic images—whether they be corporate icons, sports team logos, or an Armed Forces emblem. Brand, sport, and theme tattoos are exceedingly popular because they can be used as an ironic statement on mainstream culture, a simple appreciation for a celebrity or famous image, or a visual commitment to a group’s set of ideals.

One of the most popular tats of this kind are sports tattoos. Not only are the actual logos of the individual team often requested as a tat, but the actual tats that the athletes wear have attracted a following as well. Basketball Tattoos, with their visible athletes and high-profile personalities, have become an industry all themselves inspiring countless people to imitate their favorite baller and the ink that he/she wears. (Check out Rasheed Wallace and tribal sun on the internet to find out just how popular they really are.)

Another trendy example are tats inspired by brands or companies. Of these perhaps Harley Davidson tattoos are the most popular with their instant street cred and attitude. On the other side of the spectrum are Disney tattoos and tattoos of superman shields which prove that you are never too old to have body art celebrating the man of steel. And of all the Disney characters over the years which Disney tattoo is the most popular? Tinkerbell tattoos, of course, with a small recognizeable image that evokes childhood memories and a nod to the ancient fairy tradition.

But it isn’t just animated movie stars that inspire tats. Celebrity tattoos continue to grow in popularity as people attempt to emulate the movers and shakers of Hollywood. Whether they are actual images of the stars, like Marilyn Monroe tattoos, or the specific tattoos the star wears, such as Angelina Jolie Tattoos and Johnny Depp tattoos, these mainstays of the tattoo industry will continue to be a trendy tat choice as long as there are movie stars to idolize---and drool over.

Perhaps the most symbolically important tats in this section are armed forces tattoos. The popularity of the tattoo itself owes much to the sailors who spread its practice from port towns like Yokahama and Borneo to the shores of America in the 19th century. Today Navy tattoos are still the most popular, with the ‘anchor’ being one of the most tattooed images in the world. Yet designs like Marine Corps tattoos prove that all kinds of military tattoos continue to be a great way for members of the armed forces, and their extended family, to show appreciation for the sacrifice they give to our country.
The great thing about tattoos employ brands, sports, and themes is that the images are generally well-known and an accepted part of the tattoo vernacular. This allows you to have reasonable expectations when it comes to how the tattoo will look upon completion—and the tattoo artist will know exactly what you want. Two things that are very helpful when it comes to getting a successful tattoo.

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