Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cool Tattoo Design

Everybody wants to have a cool tattoo design. There have been so many boons to the craft in recent years, that the practice of tattooing has prospective artists turning from traditional paintings on canvas, to making average people their own personal Picasso. If there is one thing any person who is showing off a new tattoo wants to hear, it is, "Wow - that is a cool tattoo design!" I am pretty sure that a tattooist enjoys hearing that about his or her work as well!

The problem with attempting to find the coolest tattoo design, is that so many people want so many different designs. I actually went through the trouble of calling several tattoo shops in the city closest to me. The three most popular tattoo designs lately, tend to be flowers for women, and skulls for men. When it came to tattoos that both men and women are getting, celestial stars and tribal designs won over the others. Now, as I say this next bit, I truly mean no serious offense to the ladies who have gotten lower back tattoos, but, as I searched through the yellow pages and asked several tattooists my questions

I did have an enlightening moment. After asking where most women are getting tattoos, the artist told me with a snicker, "On their lower backs." Have you ever been able to "hear" a smile on someone's face, when talking to that someone on the phone? Upon prodding him about what was so humorous, he answered, "Well, we call them something else?" Curious, I asked, "What is that?" His answer was, "We call them Tramp Stamps when we do lower back tattoos!" As I said before, I have nothing against women with such tattoos, but I really felt the need to share that tidbit! As for the men, upper arm (shoulder) and back tattoos (usually over the shoulder blade area) still seem to be the preference. (Sorry ladies, they don't have cool names for those body parts on guys!)

By far, one of the neatest tattoos I had ever seen was the size of a fly. No really, it WAS a fly! Some guy got the idea to tattoo a fly on his arm - just between the elbow and the wrist area. I happened to notice it as I was talking to him one day, because he was leaning on his arms - palms flat on the table, and his tattoo facing me. I looked down at his arm, and noticed a fly resting on it. I - being a nice person - tried to brush the offending insect away. to my surprised, it stayed. He looked down, and began to laugh. "It's a tattoo honey," he grinned, winking at me. The artwork was astounding! There was such minute detail in the entire tattoo, even for as small as it was. Well, a fly is not really my style, but if I had to choose between that, or a Tramp Stamp... hold on, let me get my husband's opinion!

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