Friday, November 27, 2009

Gallery of Cool Female Tattoos - Expansive Variety to Look Glamorous

As the tattoo world grows tremendously,Women are turning out to be one of the main parts of this culture.The tattoo world has lot of art to offer, which are enchanting and glamorous. Gallery of cool female tattoos gives cool information and tips for your own tattoo.

The designs in the gallery of female tattoos are the most coolest flower design and they are pretty and very feminine, the examples of flowers are : Roses, Rosebuds, Cherry blossom, Tiger lily designs, Lotus flower floats, Hibiscus and Tropical flowers. The other tattoos that are very famous too are the fairy tattoos which originated from the Celtic mythology, they are small, beautiful creatures with wings and superpowers, Example of a fairy is the Tinkerbelle fairy. Zodiac Signs too are becoming a major turn on as most of the women believe in it and make it a point to have it inked on them. The other tattoos that are also unique and liked by all are the Hebrew designs, Maori, tribal and Mexican Designs. The Hawaiian, Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese writings are the most interesting and will always have a place in the gallery. Women who are religious get tattoos of Christianity or of Hindu gods and their signs.The Tattoos like the Scorpion Designs, The Gang Tattoos which are the Vietnamese blood ties, yakuza and symbols of Japanese Mafia, Shamrock tattoos ex. clover tattoo design are gaining popularity among Women. These tattoos are very frenzy among women because of their small and uncomplicated design and are a favorite among all.Fantasy designs like gothic tattoos and skull designs, the sun and moon tattoos and the tiger tattoos are fast catching up too. Cute designs like the swallow, the heart designs, Butterflies in flight, hearts including flaming hearts are the chic designs now.The tattoos of the angels like , the angel wings tattoo, Guardian angel tattoos, Angel devil tattoos are fast gaining popularity with the younger generation of women.

The tattoos like Harley Davidson designs which fall in the category of biker tattoos, Prison tattoos like the barbed wire, Hawaiian armbands, Polynesian armbands were all masculine things but now even women are gaining interest in this category of designs. Old school designs are also gaining the same excellency as the other designs as this category of tattoos have all the above designs in one. Examples for old school tattoos are: Cherry tattoos, nautical stars, swallow and sparrow tattoos, Pin up girls and many more, which have become quite famous.

Tattoos are the best accessory for women can have and one of the superlative ones too.It is fun to have them inked on your body, as it makes you the centre of attention everywhere you go.these tattoos are pretty and radiant.

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