Monday, December 7, 2009

Tattoos For Women - Top Ten Tattoo Choices For Women

Tattoos for women are increasing in popularity. More and more girls and women are choosing to have tattoos. However, women tend not to choose the symbols of death and destruction that have been popular with men for years, nor do they have the same affinity to the sea or the Navy.

In no particular order, the list of 10 designs below are the top ten designs that women choose:-

1. Fairy - A very pretty tattoo is the fairy. They prove popular with the more romantic.

2. Tribal designs - women love them. They offer history and mystery all in one. They look good on arms, ankles, tummies and lower backs.

3. Stars and shooting stars - after all, women are celestial, aren't they? Loads of different shapes and sizes available.

4. Butterfly - this is THE number one tattoo of choice for women. Again, lots and lots of different shapes and sizes available.

5. Hearts - Women love hearts, it's back to that romantic thing. From the tiny and discreet to the massive and indiscreet (!) hearts are lovely.

6. Zodiac Signs - Women love their star signs and horoscopes. So much so that they are a top ten choice for a tattoo.

7. Celtic - These could be classed with Tribal designs, but enough from this particular tribe are chosen to warrant a position all of their own. Celtic designs include spirals, crosses and knots.

8. Flowers - A very feminine choice of tattoo is the flower. Top in this category include lilies, daisies, roses and sunflowers.

9. Dragonflies - A woman's choice of bug to have tattooed is the dragonfly. How significant is the fact that they are a preferred mode of transport for fairies, is anyones guess!

10. Dolphins - The wonderful, sleek, streamlined and beautiful dolphin deserves it's place in the top ten of tattoos. These magnificent creatures are the only sea animal to get into the top ten, despite the prevelance of fish, seahorses etc.

For someone who likes tattoos, the most precious thing is bare skin. ~Cher

If you are longing for a tattoo, or have one and love it - or hate it - I have a poll running on my site. Please come and give your opinion. I also have info on henna tattoos and a huge choice of designs, 1000s of them. My favourite bit is the "tattoo disasters"!

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