Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blacklight uv Tattoo

Here it is fully healed:

Here it is at one and a half years old:

Here is a few different shots of the same tattoo. Its cool to see how it heals.

Some New UV Tattoos

Another Few Blacklight Tattoos

New photos are getting harder to find. If you have a blacklight reactive tattoo leave a comment or send me a picture!

Here's one of the tattooing being done:

Stunning Blacklight Reactive Tattoos

Wow, this one is really amazing!

UV Reactive Blacklight Stained-glass Window

Heres another that's pretty sweet:

More Awesome UV Tattoos

More Tattoos

Cool Blacklight Tattoos 2

UV Reactive Tattoos - Backpieces

Blacklight Tattooos - Hands

Color Blacklight Reactive

UV Reactive Tattoos

Cool Blacklight Tattoos 1

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