Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scorpion Tattoos - Scorpion Tattoo Designs

Scorpions bring about a various array of emotions such as feelings of fear, awe or other strong emotions in people and due to this reason, they are chosen as powerful representations in the form of body tattoos. Being considered by many in a negative and positive light, they make up for controversial yet interesting body tattoos. A scorpion tattoo may be partial, complete, realistic or may have spiritual relations also. So thererfore they are pretty diverse in their applications which is why they are so popularly used in the tattoo business.

Tribal Scorpio TattoosTribal Scorpio Tattoos

Tribal Scorpion: These are normally the popular choices for tattoos. They are represented by curvy lines or sharp points. An interesting feature of theirs is that they are able to represent the scorpion spiritually but refrain from arousing any fear that people normally associate with them.

Scorpion Parts TattoosScorpion Parts Tattoos

Scorpion Parts: These sort of tattoos are drawn like a costume or a uniform with the various details of the anatomy of the arachnid tattooed all over the body. It could be the sharp claw drawn on the arm, the exoskeleton of the scorpion on the underbelly or the tail running right up to the back.

Scorpion Back Body TattoosScorpion Back Body Tattoos

Scorpion: These are representative of the astrological importance and meaning of the arachnid. In these the symbol of the scorpion as they are represented in the horoscope can be drawn or it is sometimes also done by fusing the scorpion with the symbol of the Scorpio that is usually the symbol M. The personal traits of the scorpio as well as of the people born under this sign can also be written down in English or some foreign language.

Realistic TattoosRealistic Tattoos

Realistic: Realistic Tattoos are represented as line drawings or shading.The tattoo can also have colour too but it must have a shocking effect taking in consideration its entomological aspects.

Sleeve TattoosScorpion Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve: This is represented by intricate yet beautiful designs on the arm or forearm where the scorpion is represented as interacting with the other elements one would like to have on their sleeves. The elements could be something related to the individuals or it could just complement the tattoo.It could be the scorpion fighting or standing on these elements.

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