Monday, November 8, 2010

Star Tattoo Designs Top 5 Choices

The Star Tattoo design is one of the most popular choices for lots of people and must also be one of the oldest types of tattoo design. There are so many different types to choose from but all can be cool and exciting and of course you are not limited to where on your body you may like to have a star tattoo.

My top 5 choices are as follows.

1. Shooting stars

Star Tattoo DesignsStar Tattoo Designs

These are a very popular choice with celebrities just because of their diversity and originality. We can have them anywhere on the body and of course in any colour we feel appropriate. We can have a galaxy or just one we can have them in various shapes or styles running up our leg or across our back or a simple design on our wrist.

2. One of the oldest designs is the Nautical Star and this is associated with sailors.

Star Tattoo DesignsStar Tattoo Designs

Seen as a symbol of guidance and protection sailors felt they were a protection when at sea and would help protect them and guide them home. Now popular by all as a symbol to guide us through life.

3. The Pentagram is often associated with witchcraft and evil spirits',

Star Tattoo DesignsStar Tattoo Designs

However in Celtic folklore the stars 5 points symbolised balance and protection from 4 of the points with the final point representing your spirit. A downward pointed star is said however to represent the devil so we should be very clear in any choices here.

4. The Septagram is a seven point star design which is often associated with astrology as representing the seven planets.

Star Tattoo DesignsStar Tattoo Designs

It is also associated with the chakras and has an element of mystery and prophesies which is why I have included it here.

5. Now my final one is Tribal Star Designs.

Star Tattoo DesignsStar Tattoo Designs

Which are very different in the sense that one would expect the star to be incorporated into another design an animal or plant as a sign of strength or fertility is quite normal. Here we can really experiment and design our own symbol in the knowledge we know exactly what the different symbols represent.

As with many designs at the moment celebrities have been showing off their latest works of art and certainly Rhiannon's shooting stars of all sizes which wrap her neck and right shoulder are a stunning piece.

I always recommend some planning prior to any tattoo and this includes Star Tattoo Designs, just make sure that you know exactly what you want and get a template to make sure this is exactly what you get.

Star Tattoo DesignsStar Tattoo Designs

Olivia Curtis loves tattoos and has become a big fan of Writing Tattoos with a pet hate for those that get the writing wrong ending up with a nonsense statement instead of a dedication to loved ones or an inspirational quote.

Join Olivia on her Blog Site where she provides support advice and guidance to make sure you get the correct writing tattoo.

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