Monday, November 8, 2010

Word Tattoos

Getting words inked on is a GREAT idea for ink. They can be straight forward and to the point, or they can be mysterious and symbolic. Here are 3 common word tattoos to consider getting inked:


Names Word TattoosNames Word Tattoos

This word tattoo refers to someone who you want to represent by name. It could be a loved one, someone whom you admire or are a fan of; a pet, girlfriend, husband or wife and much more. It could be more general as well such as the common "mother" tattoo.

Examples of name tattoos: "mother", "ozzy", "jesus", "Frank", "Marge".


Sayings Word TattoosSayings Word Tattoos

This word tattoo is very popular. It involves taking a saying of some sort (an inspirational quote, a humorous line, or just a one or two words representing something) and getting it inked on as a tattoo. These tattoo sayings can be very powerful as they convey a direct message.

Examples of tattoo sayings: "born to lose", "strength", "live free or die", "believe in yourself".


Lettering Word TattoosLettering Word Tattoos

These tattoos focus on lettering and usually are large with just one or two letters which represent something, like a place or someone's initials, or the initials representing something. Though they can be longer as well. Lettering ink focuses on a rather elaborate type of font. Each letter stands alone as a solid work of tattoo art. Whereas some of the other tattoos mentioned will often be accompanied by separate designs, lettering ink can hold it's own without any other design needed.

Examples of lettering: "D" (for Detroit), "JD" (for Jack Daniels), "SD" (Seymour Douglas, someone's initials).

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