Friday, July 1, 2011

Temporary Tattoos- A Long History of Temporary Accessorizing

This new look of temporary tattoos created a large amount of interest and eventually got the nod from Hollywood. 3M was again involved in creating a temporary tattoo that was placed on a translucent film that could be transferred to the body without spit. This allowed actors to have a tattoo for a character that looked real, but again was only temporary. This style of temporary tattoo, currently under production by Paper Tattoos, has essentially replaced the food coloring style entirely (except in the Cracker Jack prize packets) due to the fact that the designs are edgy, realistic and longer lasting than previously released temporary tattoo brands. Now, temporary tattoos are essentially considered to be pieces of body art and are often used as a fashion accessory in the same manner someone would select a pair of earrings, a navel ring, or other body embellishment.

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